Immigration [Back]

We must, for the sake of our Republic and our freedoms, secure our borders! We must fund and protect our Border Agents and give them the tools necessary to stop the illegal flow of people and drugs into our country.

Gun Control [Back]

2nd Amendment – I will protect the 2nd amendment for all Americans. This is one of our most important rights as citizens.  It is what allows us to remain a free people in the face of tyranny.  We, the people have the right to stand up and fight against a tyrannical government who would deny us our God given freedoms of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

Budget [Back]

The US Government must learn to live within its means!  We are now at 20 Trillion dollars and have hocked the future of our children, grandchildren, and beyond.  Posterity will not forgive us if we don’t act now to balance our budget, shrink the size of government, and pay our debts.

HealthCare [Back]

I believe that government has no business running healthcare for Americans.  The ACA was a disaster.  We can do better by incentivizing businesses to provide healthcare for their employees and fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs and hospital care.

Education  [Back]

Teachers deserve better pay!  They should have class sizes that are manageable.  Our students deserve smaller class sizes so that teachers are more able to meet their individual needs.

Government Reform [Back]

Term Limits - Political office was never meant to be a lifelong career.  I am for term limits for Congress and I've signed the pledge  We have too many politicians who no longer serve the people they were elected to represent.  They take entirely too much money from PAC’s and corporations, of which have no vested interest in the districts or states they serve.

Campaign Finance Reform – Most older adults remember a time when it seemed plausible that anyone could participate in government and strive to become President of the United States.  Today, one needs millions upon millions of dollars to achieve that goal, and in most cases, the person with the most cash wins.  It’s time to level the playing field.

Marijuana Legalization [Back]

I believe it's time to legalize marijuana nationwide.  There are too many benefits to legaliztion that, by far, outweigh any drawbacks.  By legalizing weed, we will create a large revenue stream for the Federal, State, and Local governments; we will virtually eliminate smuggling across our borders; we will create a much safer product for individuals for either recreational use or medical use; we will lower the cost and eliminate black market/illegal dealing; and we will free our law enforcement services to concentrate other issues.

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