Marijuana Legalization Nationwide in 2020

Wait, a Republican in favor of legalizing marijuana?

Yes, that's a fact!  I support the legalization of marijuana nationwide.  There are just too many positive outcomes for this issue to not take it seriously.

...keep reading and educate yourself!

The ongoing enforcement of cannabis prohibition financially burdens taxpayers,
encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, impedes legitimate
scientific research into the plant's medicinal properties, and disproportionately impacts
communities of color. It is time for federal lawmakers to acknowledge this reality. As
your voice in Congress, I will support the descheduling of marijuana from the Controlled
Substances Act (CSA). Once marijuana is federally descheduled similarly to alcohol,
states will possess the autonomy to set their own cannabis regulatory policies, free from federal interference.

Legal Marijuana Facts

1.  According to a WTHR/Howey Politics Poll, 73% of Hoosiers support legalization of Medical Marijuana.

WTHR/Howey Political story

2. More Hoosiers are in favor of Legalizing weed than legalizing sports betting…Indiana Business Journal

Indiana Business Journal article

3.  Fines in Indiana are severe, considering neighboring states now have legal marijuana

Any amount


180 days

$ 1,000

Less than 30 g and prior drug offense


1 year

$ 5,000

30 g or more and prior drug offense


6 months - 2 1/2 years

$ 10,000

National Organization for Marijuana Legalization

4.  Thursday, 07 November 2019

Washington, DC: More than six in ten US adults say that they favor "changing federal law to legalize marijuana for recreational use," according to national polling data compiled by the Washington DC-based publication Politico and Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

POLL November 2019

5.  A RCG Economics and Marijuana Policy Group study on Nevada says that legalizing recreational marijuana in the state could support over 41,000 jobs till 2024 and generate over $1.7 billion in labor income. The ICF study estimates at least 81,000 additional direct, indirect and induced jobs in California as a result of legalized marijuana sales. It also projects an increase in total labor income by at least $3.5 billion.


6.  According to the Cato Institute, legalization nationwide would curb smuggling across the US Southern border.

Cato Institute Analysis

7.  Legal marijuana is safer than it's street counterpart.  Legal dispensaries send out for testing fungicides, pesticides, and microbial contamination.


8.  Regulation could keep it out of the hands of teens if regulated as Alcohol or tobacco sales are…

Story from CNN

9.  If legal nationwide, the black market/illegal sales market would die out due to reduced price for legal marijuana.   Most current studies show an elevated illegal market currently with some states legalizing marijuana and some not, however, these statistics include elevated levels of smuggling across state lines from a legalized state into a non-legalized state.  If marijuana is legalized nationwide, this sort of smuggling would become non-existent.

10.  Marijuana IS a viable opition for numerous medical conditions, which should cause removal from FDA Schedule 1 classification.

Research on Medical Marijuana

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